Ryan Sohn (Perennial)

Ryan is a Portfolio Manager focused on Perennial's Private to Public Fund, where he has led deals in companies including Koala, Crimson Education, InDebted and Baraja.

Before Perennial, Ryan was an analyst at equities manager Monash Investors and before that, an analyst at HSBC structuring deals.

On a life hack

This will sound bizarre and obvious, but I'm the biggest proponent of sleep. Having good quality and quantity of sleep makes everything the next day sooooo much better. So I try to keep a consistent sleep routine even through the weekends and track my sleep nightly.

Since I'm talking about sleep, I should shout out to Koala, who has played a big role in massively improving mine.

On a professional pivot

I made a conscious decision 3 years ago to basically turn off all social media. Social media is often viewed as the holy grail of idea generation and brand creation in the investment world, but this just wasn't me.

I wanted to focus on using my eyes, ears and daily conversations to find trends and ideas. So it's going back to old school scuttlebutt investing —this is more true to who I am and what I enjoy.

On advice to a younger self

I like to think I'm not too old — however, I think the two best bits of advice I would give my younger self would be:

  1. Everything is a learning experience — it's easy to learn when decisions or actions go wrong, but it's equally important to learn from things that go right.
  2. Use your age to your advantage — lean on those more experienced for advice, learnings and mentorship but also use your age profile to find opportunities that others may miss.

On the future of crypto

There's absolutely a future for crypto, but I think the exact future is still TBD. Right now, it's a bit of a melting pot in that it's a currency, an alternative to gold, a traders dream, etc.

Whilst the use cases have lagged, more recently, tangible activities have started to emerge where crypto, as a currency, is beginning to serve a logical need. For example, web 3.0 or the metaverse and NFT purchases are highly logical assets to acquire using a standard but global currency.

But putting crypto specifically to the side, I'm a big believer in the underlying blockchain technology that underpins crypto — as it provides fundamental traceability and scarcity needed in use cases such as NFTs (in certain scenarios).

A company such as Animoca Brands is leading the charge on this thematic.

On a trend your watching

Will old become the new, new?

It's something I have been thinking about more recently. We've seen a drastic shift to everything online — whether it be shopping, gaming, dating, NFTs and even investing.

However, I think there is a subtle shift back to outdoors and face to face interaction. It's not to say online isn't here to stay, but I think we'll be looking for investment against the grain.

On something you are notorious for

Some people that know me well would say I am obsessed with sport (all sports). As my wife says, I would find entertainment out of watching ants race up a wall.


Connect with Ryan via LinkedIn: Ryan Sohn

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