Nick Crocker (Blackbird Ventures)

On daily habits

I track all my time at work in a Google spreadsheet so I could tell you to the minute what I was doing every minute for the last 3 years. It sounds like a lot but it’s a habit so I don’t even realise I’m doing it anymore. It’s been transformational to how I choose to allocate my time

Sam Harris’ Waking Up app is life-changing and I also have an Oura ring which helps me pay attention to my HRV, and sleep score. I also do a daily summary at the end of every day where I review the day gone, and plan the day coming, which is a great ritual to close out work and transition into dinner-bath-bedtime for the kids.

On managing work/life balance

I think the question is flawed because it assumes a balance between work and life is the default endpoint. I think the question should be: How do you sustain the natural imbalance that comes from striving for what you really want?

We should talk much less about balance, and much more about how to say no gracefully, and how to deal with the consequences of being self-authored rather than defining yourself through others.

On your professional journey

I grew up in the Queensland bush, a long way from anything that resembled tech or finance or entrepreneurship. I’ve had to cover some distance starting there, and getting here. But early on in my career, when I was getting started in the music industry, there were a few people who believed in me and gave me my first shot in life and I never forgot the difference that made.

Supplying younger people a vision of what they could be is greatly underrated.

On a trend you are excited about

Today, healthcare is a system that defines the customer experience. And we’re about to flip that so the customer experience will define the system.

Telehealth is the technology unlock for that change, COVID-19 is the accelerant and companies like Eucalyptus are starting to build experiences in healthcare that people truly love.

On something you would pay 10x for

Tracksmith hoodies. LEGO for my six-year old. Youtube Premium. A Garmin watch for running without your phone. Strava Premium. Dunlop Volleys. Rhodia notebooks.

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