Kylie Frazer (Flying Fox Ventures)

Kylie Frazer is the Co-Founder and Partner of Flying Fox Ventures, an early stage venture firm for angel investors. Alongside her co-founder, Rachael Neumann, Kylie founded Flying Fox to help provide the next generation of early stage investors with the competence and confidence to invest well.

On daily habits

I don’t subscribe to the cult of hyper-productivity and I’m not a slave to daily routine. Children thrive on routine. I value flexibility. Some mornings you will see me up at 5am for some exercise and deep work; other mornings I’ll be snuggling in bed with a child and a dog until 9am, reading Harry Potter.

On life hacks

I love a good retro and have a solid system for tracking decisions and mistakes.

Over the years I have noticed that a disproportionate amount of my mistakes and questionable decisions are made between 5pm and 8pm (and no, not because I am making them with a martini). Now, I always make sure I am pens down by 5pm, which not only protects family time, it makes me better at my job.

On levelling up your career

Lots has been written about the rise of the generalist. Knowing a little bit about a lot of things is super popular in investing / entrepreneurial circles. Scratch the surface and you will find that underneath, most of us have a deep specialisation.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your 10,000 hours. Don’t be afraid of the grind. Being a specialist in one area will remind you of the superficiality of your knowledge in others.

On a trend you're watching

Portability. Kids today spend far more time and money dressing their avatars than themselves. They want to bring their avatars to every digital platform they engage with. I’m obsessed with tools that support this, and markets created as a result.

On something you are notorious for

I'm cricket tragic. See you at the SCG

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