Elise Kennedy (Jarden)

Elise leads the Australian Research team at Jarden covering Technology and Internet. Prior to this, she spent 7 years at Morgan Stanley covering TMET, has ranked #1 in sectors on the Peter Lee and Asia Institutional Investor (II) surveys, and previously even qualified for the target 2004 Beijing Olympics Australian Swimming team.

On your daily habits

As a competitive swimmer since 8 years old waking up at 4:30am to train, my body clock still wakes early, which I’m thankful for to enable me to fit everything into my day. On rise, I read the overnight markets news, if there is no action items I’ll head for exercise before presenting our 7:30am morning meeting, calling clients and attending to market news flow in the day. I’ve had several hours of work & exercise done before many people’s workday starts at 9am! 

On protecting personal time

I colour code my diary, it helps ensure I get the balance of personal life, clients, industry, and internal meetings (plus colours make my days look much more fun). 

I use a walk to clear my emails, make calls to clients or friends, overcome mental blocks and brainstorm new ideas. This kinetic energy helps me to focus without the distraction of other things, drives creativity and helps get my steps up!

On advice to a younger self

Our potential is one thing, but what we do with it is another. I am not the smartest person, but it is the persistence and passion with your talent that will distinguish your success as you grow. Enjoy the struggle, because that is what makes the reward worth it. 

On a trend you’re watching

I host a start-up podcast called “Jarden: Talking Tech with Elise Kennedy” where we host entrepreneurs, start-ups and VC funds on trends across the industry. It helps keep me attuned to what’s happening in the tech space. What’s trending? Blockchain technology, NFT’s, Crypto, CleanTech, to name a few areas.

One trend I’m watching is the evolution of the music industry, every tick-tock upload, where do you get that new music and how are artists found and given royalties for its use? We have seen B2C (i.e Spotify) but the next opportunity I see is in B2B. 

On a startup idea

The industry I see to be ripe for disruption is "death tech". While it makes us all uncomfortable and it’s a bit morbid, the fact is we're all going to die one day (sorry to break the news!), and that’s going to have a few facets to it beyond the emotions that are often left to your loved ones once you’re gone. 

Technology making it easier to manage this process is vital, from making Will’s easier to create, execute and update, funding funerals, having trustworthy legal representatives to settle your estate, digitising proof of evidence, and counselling services. Anyone who has lost a loved one will know we need to see some investment in this area (you build the tech, I’ll be and build the buyers!)

On something you are notorious for

If I got a dollar for every time since school I got a comment on my accent, I would be a very wealthy lady! I get asked if it’s  American, Canadian, South African, Swedish (I think more so because of my blonde hair and blue eyes!), British, South Australian (news to me SA had its own accent). It’s kind of a bit of fun now, so I won’t disclose the answer, but I’m notorious for it now. 

👉 Make sure to check out Elise's podcast Jarden Talking Tech with Elise Kennedy on Apple and Spotify

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