Daniel Veytsblit (Investible)

Daniel Veytsblit is the Investment Director at Investible and the fund manager of their two early stage funds where he has led investments in over 40 seed stage companies across 20 sectors and 9 countries, including Manettas, Hotelmize, Jigspace, LIGR, Parcel Perform and Work180.

He's done it all having started his career with Watson Wyatt, then joining Rothschild in the consumer and industrials team, and going on to co-found Australia's first online secured loans company. Just prior to joining Investible he worked in funds management (across equities, property and commodities) and then for a boutique early stage advisory and investments business.

On your source of ambition

As a 1.75 generation immigrant, I’ve experienced first-hand the amount of work required to gain opportunities and build something meaningful.

When my family immigrated in 1989, my parents had to requalify in their careers and build a new life in Australia — so I’ve always felt a connection with those who work really hard to do or build something meaningful that they’re truly passionate about. It also motivates me to create opportunities for others.

On your biggest miss

Bitcoin. February 2015. I moved into early-stage tech investing and advisory, and I was hearing growing whispers about Bitcoin. So I researched the space and couldn’t see its value as either a currency or a store of value.

With respect to early-stage investment, I know I won’t get it right 100% of the time, and I’m upfront with founders around that. I love Bessemer’s approach in being open about the companies they’ve missed. Learning from the misses is as crucial as replicating the winning formula (aka “pattern-matching”).

On advice to your younger self

1. Work with your tribe. The people you surround yourself with make or break your work. Join or recruit those whose values align with yours.

2. Your work should do three things; challenge your skills, keep you interested and align with your values. If it doesn’t tick those boxes, it might be time to make a change or move on.

3. Take a career and/or life risk early. Start a company, move to a different industry or country. What’s the worst that could happen? Chances are, you can change course again if it doesn’t work out. Failing is not a stigma, and the risk/reward is in your favour.

On your startup idea

When I was 15, I pitched my friends the idea of a flying chair – but since then I've learned that I should have pitched it as an "autonomous flying electric vehicle".

In all seriousness, the likes of Kitty Hawk are working towards some pretty incredible electric air transport solutions, but I think there’s a long way to go before it becomes a reality.

On something you are notorious for

I love playing, watching and talking about sports – probably too much.

Soccer, basketball, NFL, tennis, golf, squash, F1, ice hockey and chess (yes, it’s a sport in my mind) take up a large share of my time – I can work a sports reference or analogy into just about any conversation. I even gave a speech on biathlons last year as part of a team exercise.

The Olympics, any world cup and playoffs always provide an interesting work/sport/life balance conundrum.


If you want to connect with Daniel check out his Twitter and Linkedin below...

Twitter: @DVeytsblit
Linkedin: Daniel Veytsblit

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