Dan Fleming (Folklore Ventures)

Dan is an Investor at Folklore Ventures where he has led investments in companies including Komodo and ScholarSite.

After playing rugby in the US and Hong Kong, he began his career at top tier professional service firms, PwC and EY, before transitioning into early-stage and growth-stage startups. He previously led Partnerships at RagTagd, and helped drive Growth Operations at LegalVision, focusing on operational analytics and strategic projects.

On a life hack

My most active Slack channel is the one with myself.

Currently, I have 14 pinned bookmarks of things I’m thinking about and I drop articles, podcast episodes, playlists and a ton of random stuff in there. There’s definitely a better way to do this but I find it super useful as a way to conveniently aggregate thoughts and resources on a topic.

On a professional pivot

I’ve had a few pivots. I left professional services to play rugby overseas and then jumped into early-stage startups shortly after coming back to Sydney. The first early-stage company I joined was RagTagd. I was eager to be challenged and I was optimising for what I could learn so the downside seemed limited.

I was introduced to the founders Eugene and Chloe through a friend and was immediately hooked by their ingenuity, the scope of opportunity and the unconventionality of it all. Now, as an early-stage investor at Folklore, I still call on the scrappiness and hustle of that experience.

On a trend you’re watching

Platforms and tools driving the creator economy, specifically enabling the next phase of education – think Masterclass, Reforge, Maven. We recently invested in ScholarSite, a platform for academics to build an independent brand and audience through cohort-based programs.

Building a community is a core competency in the creator economy, however, unlike many other verticals, education also requires a learning experience to deliver value. So although anyone can be a creator, I’m not convinced that anyone can be a teacher.

On a startup you wish you invested in

It’s probably quite obvious given their prominence and traction to date, but if I had the opportunity I would invest in Loom yesterday!

It’s an incredible product riding exceptional tailwinds across distributed teams and video as a dominant communication format. I see Loom videos daily ranging from product tutorials to investor updates, daily retrospectives for remote teams and personalised shoutouts. I can’t see them slowing down anytime soon.

On content you consume

I’m a fan of YouTube channels and my reliable constant is The Quest with Justin Kan. The exciting newcomer to my content bank is Every. I recently started subscribing and am already hooked on their publication Napkin Math.

The content that I wish never ended is “Mare of Easttown” and “Broadchurch”. I properly binged those series during lockdown – one of those ‘I should probably go outside’ / ‘where did the weekend go’ kind of multi-day marathons.


👉 Check out Dan's new podcast "Long Story Short" where he provides tactical insight on common challenges faced when building a company or career.

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