Ben Williamson (Fresh Equities)

Ben Williamson is the co-founder of Fresh Equities and a father of three.

Ben started Fresh with Rhys Davis, having met through their wives who have been best friends for 25 years! Bonded by more than ink they have carved a path through the capital markets sector building fintech Fresh Equities - driven to give everyone the same opportunities as the biggest hedge funds.

On protecting personal time

Any time you have an internal conflict, one side will feel like it is losing out. I both want to spend all my time with my family, and all my time with this magical team we have brought together; obviously I can't do both.

The trick here for me is two-fold: Be continuously flexible - what worked last week/month might not work today; and to try and follow Gary Vee's advice of "Only you can judge yourself", so try not to be too much of a hardass!

On making pivots

January 12th 2017 - this was the day I met Cameron Schwab and had my first genuine coaching session. This is where all of my life goals flipped from quantitative to qualitative. From "I want to be worth $Xm by 35" to "I don't want to work with d***heads anymore".

God, it was good, a 1-hour meeting that ran for 3. God bless that man for the time he took helping me out (as well as being an investor in Fresh's first round).

Hopefully, I can help someone like that in time.

On levelling up your career

Wars create more opportunities for experience, learning and advancement than peacetime.

If you want to level up your career, join a company at war. This is where start-ups create so much value for their team, giving them the opportunity to grow so much faster than the market.

We have mid-senior staff now that joined us as interns. Whilst still at uni. Less than 4 years ago.

On a trend you're watching

Omni-channel. I love the convenience of online, but I love it more when paired with real-world experiences. This might be retail, social or financial.

I am a deep extrovert, so I get extremely energised from being around other people. And I think we spend too much time as it is on our screen (yes - I see the irony of reading this email!), and so I love it when that online convenience is paired with the offline experience.

On something you are notorious for

Opinions! Get your opinions here! You want 'em? I got 'em!

I have quite a Socratic way of thinking, so I love to dive into topics I know little to nothing about and surface with a point of view. Lucky for me, I now know how dangerous that can be (throwback to Kylie Frasers LOI on this same topic (also another awesome Fresh shareholder!)), so now it is more fun, but in my "youth", I wasn't as aware, and it *may* have caused some frustrations with my previous boss Suren Chandrajit (well current boss - another first-round Fresh investor!).


Feel free to reach out to Ben via Fresh Equities or my LinkedIn - he loves a chat!

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